Location-based solutions
3nus specializes in developing location-based solutions for mobile and non-mobile platforms.


Manage favorite’s points, routes and location searches, Create effective optimized routes.
The only application that let you create and import efficiently and convenient maps and track on your mobile device and then export it to any location based application or site
  • Easy to use map
  • Create clear optimize and effective maps, tracks, and routes
  • Edit save and load your maps
  • Load and edit any KML file.
  • Optimize your planed routes.
  • Share options: email, WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Earth, Bluetooth or as KML file.
  • Manage your favorite routes, points, and locations anywhere
  • Car, walking, bicycling and public transportation
  • Convenient map and tracking solutions at your fingers
  • Maps Manager Site
Locate your position or other user's smartphone without installing any software on the devices.
Pure HTML/Javascript solution that enables to send SMS to anyone with smartphone (Iphone or Android). In the SMS, there is a link, click it and the receiver and sender will get the location of the receiver.
  • No need to install any software.
  • Can be used to get your own location or other user's location..
  • Full security - no one outside can see the locations.
  • Required the receiver permission.
  • Completely free
  • Build for smartphones.
  • Locator (mobile) Site
Android application that fake GPS routes so any other app in the phone believes you are there
Simulate GPS routes by loading pre-recorder tracks or Search for a route by click on the map
  • Affect any other location-based application
  • Can user pre recorderd KML or CSV file
  • Or create route by Google navigation
  • Set missing recorded details
  • Can save the created track as KML
  • Faketrack Site



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